The Harbourview has a long-standing commitment to caring for the environment and for serving guests in an eco-friendly manner. The Harbourview, in a first-of-its-kind initiative for the hospitality sector, has developed and refined a green policy with The Education University of Hong Kong. The policy serves as principal guidelines for The Harbourview’s environmental measures.

Green Report









1. Comply with relevant environmental legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.


2. Seek to keep wastage to a minimum and maximize the efficient use of materials and resources.


3. Develop and manage processes to ensure that environmental factors are considered during each stage of planning and implementation.


4. Work with suppliers who have compatible policies for managing their impact on the environment.


5. Regularly conduct reviews to ensure operations remain compliant with the policy and to set or revise targets to ensure continual improvement.


6. Carry out regular internal programmes of education and training to enhance environmental awareness among staff members.






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